Not All Podcasts Wear Capes

Episode 0

April 20, 2019

Welcome to Episode 0 of Not All Podcasts Wear Capes. This is our first attempt at recording a podcast where we discuss pop culture that we enjoy.

Join Andrew Teheran (T) and Anthony Spade where in this episode they discuss Avengers: Endgame, Game of Thrones, and this weeks Top 10!

Avengers: Endgame

Join us as we discuss Avengers: Endgame by speculating on what we think could happen in the film.

Any spoilers are purely coincidental and without the intention to spoil this film.

Game of Thrones

Season 8 of Game of Thrones has premiered, check out our thoughts on S8E1: Winterfell.

Top 10

In our final segment, we discuss the Top 10 Marvel streaming shows we would like to see!

Episode Contributers


Andrew "T" Teheran

Spade's Co-Host, Executive Producer

Anthony "Spade" Spadavecchia

T's Co-Host, Executive Producer

Edgar "Poe" Lopez

Audio Engineer

Andre Zatta

Audio Engineer