Not All Pods - Issue 78 - The Flash

Issue 78: The Flash: The Death of the Snyderverse

By notallpods | June 28, 2023

I’m Batman! But wait, this is The Flash! Anyway, just check out this podcast. If you have not seen the movie, beware of major spoilers!

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Issue 51 - The Batman

Issue 51: The Batman

By notallpods | March 17, 2022

MARTHAAAA!!!! Well not really, but The Batman is here and we had a blast talking about it. Spoilers as always.

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Not All Pods - Issue 48 - Peacemaker

Issue 48: Peacemaker: Episdoes 1-3

By notallpods | February 6, 2022

Peacemaker may be winding down and it’s been great, but we’re here talking about the premiere of the first 3 episodes!

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Not All Pods - Issue 41 - The Suicide Squad

Issue 41: James Gunn’s THE Suicide Squad

By notallpods | October 10, 2021

We’re finally talking James Gunn’s THE Suicide Squad in our latest episode!

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Not All Pods - Issue 29 Snydercut

Issue 29: Zack Snyder’s Justice League: The 3.0 Cut

By notallpods | April 17, 2021

We made it to the other side of the Snyder Cut and are finally dropping The 3.0 Cut!

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Not All Pods - Issue 28- DCEU

Issue 28: DCEU: Bad films? Bad rap?

By notallpods | March 18, 2021

In honor of the Snyder Cut of Justice League coming to HBO Max, we decided to take a look at the entire DCEU slate thus far and answer the ultimate question. Are they bad films or do they just get a bad rap.

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