The Eternals

Issue 46: The Eternals

Issue 46: The Eternals

By notallpods | January 12, 2022

The Eternals is now on Disney+, watch the movie and check out our latest pod. This episode was recorded in November 2021 after the movie was released in theaters.

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Issue 33: The Eternals (Part 2)

By notallpods | June 19, 2021

The Eternals dropped a trailer and we read the Neil Gaiman comic book run on them. Hear us talk about it and speculate on the movie!

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Issue 02: The Eternals

By notallpods | June 20, 2019

In our latest Issue we discuss the shocking events of The Walking Dead (comic) Issues 191 & 192. Also, we take a deep dive into one of Marvels next blockbuster to be “The Eternals”! We discuss the first 7 issues of the original Eternals run by Jack “King” Kirby.

Be warned as there are massive spoilers for The Walking Dead comic Issues 191 & 192!

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